How the Bra should Fit

Posted:  Monday, June 19, 2017 - 7:30am


A bra that fits in these 3 ways is the one you want:

It should offer an Aesthetic fit, a Comfort Fit, and a Technical fit.

We can all agree when the right bra looks good on you and helps you wear your clothes better.

You can tell if the bra is comfortable.

And City Drawers is happy to help you with the best Technical fit.  We will size you and adjust the bra to be sure that you are wearing it correctly.

Bras that meet all these criteria are the ones to have in your drawer at the ready.

It’s kind of silly that so many of us aren’t aware of how to wear the bra and that’s one reason we’re in the wrong size.  Don’t be embarrassed:

with over 20 different brands, we can help you find where you fit in.

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