Novels about Maine lobstering

Posted:  Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 9:15am

Camden Herald writer Susan Mustapich just did a fabulous job reviewing four novels about Maine lobstering and how each author delved into this under-the-radar world. Among her review was my 2009 award-winning novel, The Ghost Trap. Here is a section of her review:

"The Ghost Trap," published in 2009, takes a gritty, realistic look at the life and loves of fisherman Jamie Eugely, who works out in a bay off of small-town coastal Maine. The setting is fictionalized, yet feels like a very real place, right in the Midcoast.

Jamie, who looks for adventure as far from Maine as he can drive, is drawn back to the fishing grounds his family has worked for generations, and is bound to his fiance Anja by more than a ring. Anja, who suffered a near drowning, struggles to  follows steps back to normalcy, in order to reclaim the life and love she can almost remember. The meaning of the "ghost trap" referenced in the book's title, which is open to interpretation, is connected to the circumstances that bind Jamie and Anja to one another, and make their dreams all the more difficult to catch.

In a recent interview, Stephens talked about the meaning of the term "ghost trap," both in general and to her as a writer.

"The ghost trap is a trap cut off at the surface that lies at the bottom of the ocean.That trap can be cut off by a propeller, or can be cut off by a more nefarious means, in an on-the-water conflict in the dead of night," she said. She imagines ghost traps at the bottom of the ocean. "There are lobsters in there, lives in the trap that will never come out."


Read the full review here.

You can buy signed copies of the novel ($15.95) at four locations in Maine or request your local bookshop order a copy.