Wiscasset Senior Center

Bean bag baseball

Posted:  Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 11:00am

Last Wednesday, after a delicious dinner, a good many people stayed to play bean bag baseball. Dick Grondin had the bean bags and also made the board which indicated the results of the batter’s “hits.”

The game was simple. Just throw up to three bean bags and if one went through one of the holes on the board then that is what you got. It could be a single, double, triple or home run.

If all your tosses missed a hole then you struck out. There were chairs place around for the various bases but stealing bases was not allowed.

Four teams were formed with four to five people on each team. We played a total of four innings. There was a lot of cheering and the tension was high when two of the teams were consistently hitting and scoring.

I managed to strike out each time I was up and my team never scored a run but we did get a runner on base at least once. There was only one home run and that was “hit” by Arlene Polewarczyk.

She claimed to know nothing about the game and also claimed not to be too athletic but she appeared confident up there in the batter’s box even when several of the fans were making comments.

All in all, everyone had a good time. After dinner each week we will have games like bean bag baseball, board games or card games available to enjoy. Do plan on staying and having a bit of fun after dinner.

Now on a very serious note, this Saturday, June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. You are encouraged to wear a purple ribbon to show your support of ending elder abuse.

Elder abuse can happen to anyone anywhere. If elder abuse can happen to a prominent person like Mickey Rooney then it can happen to anyone. Generally the abuser is a relative but oft times it can be a trusted caregiver or “friend.” Because of the relationship between the abused and abuser many instances go unreported. The abused person does not want to report a child or grandchild. In many instances the abused believes that if they reported the abuse then they would no longer get at least some assistance.

The following is from the Maine Council on Elder Abuse Prevention. “What is Elder Abuse? Elder abuse is the maltreatment of the elderly. The most common forms of elder abuse are: neglect, physical abuse, emotional or psychological abuse (including verbal abuse and threats), sexual abuse, financial abuse and exploitation, and abandonment.

Elder abuse affects all cultures, races and socio-economic groups. It is estimated over 14,000 elders in Maine are abused, neglected or exploited each year.

If you see an elderly person being abused, or if you think that the elderly person is not being cared for, report it. You don’t have to have proof someone is being abused or neglected to make a report.

It can be very difficult for an elderly person to get help for themselves; your report might be the only thing that makes them safe. There are several agencies in Maine focused on stopping and responding to elder abuse.     

Adult Protective Services of the Office of Aging and Disability Services (Department of Health and Human Services) provides and arranges for services to protect incapacitated and dependent adults (age 18 and over) in danger of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

Also the local police departments and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office are good sources of help and information. If an elder is in immediate danger, call 911.     

Unfortunately I was unable to get the names of the cribbage tournament winners on Tuesday, June 4. The cribbage tournament winners on Thursday, June 6 were Ron Bodge first, David Greenleaf second, Pam Frenier low score and Blanche Johnson had the high hand.

Meals for next week

Reservations, please. Call 207-882-8230 at least two days in advance for meal reservations.

Wednesday, June 19 – Dinner, baked chicken

Thursday, June 20 – Lunch, variety buffet