’Round Town


Posted:  Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - 9:30am

You know really burns me up?

When I brew a wonderful cup of coffee from my favorite stash of exquisite beans (personally ground by me at home), with an elegant dollop of home grown local honey, adding just the right amount of high quality half and half which instantly curdles to floating white chunks.

I hate that, and, I needed to share. Thank you.

In the mid '80s, somewhere between Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber directors Elliott Smith/George Traquair, and Myles Geer/Wes Elliott, things were a real mess. There was no director and not a lot of money to hire one.

A group of local chamber associated people, including Patsy West, Bob Smith, yours truly, David Dudley, Laura Honey, Merritt Grover, Sarah Logan and others, tried to keep the ship afloat. Very challenging times for the better part of a couple years.

David Dudley was our point person with the state and the Innkeepers Association. He worked tirelessly, while also employed at Ocean Point Inn for Mr. and Mrs. Barnes. Tough times at the Chamber with the holidays, the guide and Windjammer Days all circling the drain. Everyone pitched in and tried to hold things together.

I saw David passing himself on local roads many times, forgetting to yield! He lobbied hard for a sign on the interstate directing seasonal visitors to the region, which finally happened.

Lately we've been bumping into Dave and Beth which helped me recall "the way life used to be" here on the peninsula. At the "free for locals" night at the Botanical Gardens (where I snagged this week's photo) we saw "D&B", as I call them, along with lots of area residents. They were having a bit of trouble maneuvering the grounds but remained cheerful and gracious. Then we ran into them at The Thistle, among many familiar happy faces.

Finally, during a recent visit with some friends at St. Andrews Village, we noticed D&B, getting Dave's feet done. He was a happy camper with Beth holding his shoes. They are not residents of said facility.

I guess I mention all this because I think David is quite remarkable. He has some physical challenges and an incredible spirit, always with a smile and a firm handshake, happy to greet and be greeted.

We go back a long way, Dave and I. He is an inspiration.