’Round Town

Holy mackerel! Sunshine

Posted:  Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 9:30am

For a quick special moment, the light at the end of the tunnel lit our inside spaces and even the tunnel entrance. The sun sparkled on the ocean waters, puddles almost dried up, blooming and greening things made some progress. Even our peonies had a growth spurt before I had a chance to completely clear out last year's old stems and debris.

When I arrived Friday at Bigelow Lab for the very special Graham Shimmield celebration and

opening, the sky was heavy overcast, flat light, photographically speaking. For some photos this isn't a bad thing. Interior room images, in fact, can benefit from some less contrasty light sometimes, providing a slightly more natural even feeling.

As the day progressed at Bigelow and guests arrived to pay their respects and admire the new building, the skies opened up, the overcast broke and brilliant sunshine poured over the grounds. It was as if a switch had been thrown. The difference was almost startling to me, “mole man” that I had become. We've had such a stream of dismal rain and chill. I think everyone who attended the event was thrilled. For me, as I photographed the day, a complete transformation was required. Suddenly the location of the sun became an important element. The entire property was bathed in glowing warmth. People actually started to remove jackets and sweaters. And the new Shimmield Residence building exteriors and wonderful landscaping were revealed.

On my way home, after the Bigelow event, I made a quick swing to the east side of the Harbor to catch a view of the late afternoon sunshine. The photograph this week offers a glimpse of a much welcomed burst of power, just before the weather folk once again predicted “a good soaking.”

I think the drought concern may be, for the time being, less.