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Passing of Sir Christopher, the Lee Street swan

Born March 28, 1988, died August 4, 2013
Posted:  Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 10:00am

On Sunday, Aug. 4, Sir Christopher died of a short illness at the age of 25. Early in the morning he swam in the pond, was not interested in eating and sat very still looking at me. There was no question what he was saying.

24 years ago, Sir Christopher and Queen Isabella arrived at the Lee Street Pond from a farmer next to the Delaware Bridge. They traveled to Wiscasset in a crate in the back of my station wagon. On the Jersey Turnpike passing lane, Sir Christopher spotted the coral colored petunias in the back of my car. He stuck his long, long, long neck through the crate and gobbled them up. What a sight in the rear view mirror!

Each year children came to visit the Lee Street Swans; then they brought their own children. In the beginning the pond and pasture were all fenced for Sir Christopher and Queen Isabella. There came a time that a two-foot fence was adequate between the pond and the street sidewalk and all of the other fencing was removed. Sir Christopher and Queen Isabella walked the yard at will. My best day was a sunny Sunday when I was lying on the front lawn in a white shirt and white shorts. Sir Christopher walked up to me, sat and preened my buttons on my shirt.

Sir Christopher was predeceased by Queen Isabella on July 4, 2011. After she passed away, he sat by her burial for a number of days. They have come to rest in the same location and will be dearly missed.