Evergreen Home Performance at Maine Climate Table: From Carbon Reduction to Climate Action

Posted:  Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 3:30pm
- Private group -

May 18, 2017

Evergreen Home Performance Partner Elise Brown joined leaders from across Maine at the Maine Climate Table’s first Community-Based Solutions Convening to discuss and plan local responses to a growing global challenge.

Maine Climate Table (MCT) is a broad coalition of individuals and organizations from the nonprofit, business, philanthropic and government sectors whose vision is to create a state-based model for climate communication and climate action that will increase civic engagement and lead to action by elected officials.

Maine Climate Table supports increased private and public investment in job creation and workforce training that advance climate mitigation and adaptation and build on Maine's comparative advantages. In addition, MCT will contribute to associated benefits such as moving toward energy independence, food security, healthier forest management and improved public health.

Evergreen Home Performance, LLC specializes in residential energy efficiency contracting and is an award-winning vendor registered with Efficiency Maine. Its community involvement includes support for the Camden area Green Sneakers project, Habitat for Humanity volunteer projects, and advocacy in support of responsible energy policy. Elise Brown serves as Executive Vice President, overseeing Marketing, Sales, and Employee Safety.

Additional Community-Based Solution gatherings will be held over the next few months to create and finalize the group’s action plan.


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