Posted:  Thursday, February 1, 2018 - 6:45am


Every year we feature free shipping in February, and every year I keep the same lousy graphic.

Would you rather have a great graphic and 1/2 price shipping? Of course not. And it's a one man show here people - I take all the money I save on fancy, high-priced graphic artists and pass it on to you.

So take a long gander at that graphic. Digest all it has to offer. Notice the exclamation points leaning contrary to the script. Note the grainy texture of the writing like some terrible bitmap editor circa 1993. The alarming red and All Caps screech at you.

And yet through the nightmare, there is Free Shipping for the entire month of February with our little checkout code.


Click through to our World-Famous Website - and use the checkout code “S-HIPPY” to realize all your free shipping dreams.


Please don't be a jerk and order a doghouse and expect me to ship it to Guam for free. That would not be a very nice thing to do.