Hey Cindy Adams!!

Wed, 08/24/2022 - 9:30am


Having just read Cindy Adam’s Page 6 review of her recent trip to Maine in the New York Post I couldn’t help but see the similarities of my trip to New York City.  I had gone to NYC for a job interview, my very first solo trip to the Big Apple.  Everyone had said I would just be amazed at the tall buildings, the amount of people there were and how expensive everything was. Boy, they were right!  After a $55 cab ride to Time’s Square, I was met with a sensory overload of massive jumbotrons flashing their neon ads and breaking news from all over the world. By the way, not something you see in Maine every day. Nothing like the days I remember sitting in the backseat of my parent’s station wagon getting super excited to see the bank clock in Portland. It meant we were almost to the Maine Mall where we would eventually get to eat at the Western Sizzler buffet.

Cindy referred to how friendly all of us Mainers are, well I felt the same way in NYC. I was surprised to see how most people entering the subway station were super careful not to kick the homeless person leaned up against the turnstile. I believe they were sleeping; I hope they were. She also refers to the water and how much of it there was in Maine, that went right along with my first impression of NYC & cement, that city must hold the record for square miles covered!

I made my interview and soon discovered if I took the job housing was available in the Bronx only 3 subway changes away with 6 other co-workers and the rent was only $1200 a month. After thinking for about 30 seconds, I made the decision to get back to the airport and back my little apartment in Boothbay Harbor as quick as I could.

Making my way back to the airport I had my flannel shirt tied around my waste covering my large behind and my Sea Bag over my shoulder.  I couldn’t have been happier to be so “Maine” when I watched a Karen across the train in the white Cashmere jumpsuit and Chanel bag get mugged by a 13-year-old.  I get you came to visit Maine by invitation, by folks whose ancestors basically invented Maine. I wish you had shared the name of these special people with us all. (I bet they are hiding under their flannel sheets hoping you remain silent)

Cindy, for a woman who writes articles about “Brides are desperate for strapless bras” you would be better served to stick to what you know. As for fashion here in the great state of Maine, you obviously didn’t meet Shane in your travels.


Jen Mitchell