Himalayan Dog Chew

Wed, 02/17/2021 - 2:30pm

I should probably disclose that as I'm writing this, I am also on Instagram messenger stringing along a troll who thinks I'm a 19 year old Mormon girl in a fortified compound somewhere out west. I'm so excited!!! Will he ask for naked pictures of me or just my credit card numbers? Or maybe both?!?!?!

He just asked me if I was on "hangout apps." I just sent him a couple of bizarre photos. Now I'm sending him made-up credit card information. He wants a picture of my credit card. Haha! I told him Pa wouldn't let me use the camera because of what I done to the ox-yoke last spring.

Now I told him I'm a District Manager for the Federal Reserve. I can't believe this guy is still engaged! I wonder if I should tell him he's actually chatting with the Instagram account of a small pet store in Midcoast Maine.

ANYWAY... these are a great way to keep your little beast engaged while you get some real internet trolling work done. Less than 1% fat, too. And if you use the other coupon code I hid in this month’s newsletter, this will be a great price.

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