It's Snug-Up-Your-Home Time

Posted:  Friday, September 1, 2017 - 3:15pm

Summer is winding down in Maine, and that means colder weather is on its way. Will you be warm at home this fall and winter?

Stay Warm with Home Performance Upgrades

Now that fall is just around the corner, homeowners from Rockland down to the greater Portland area are getting ready to turn on the heat in their homes. Your heating system, however, is only one of many factors that keep you and your family comfortable when temperatures drop.

Insulation and air sealing are essential for keeping warm air in — and cold air out — during the fall and winter seasons. Insulation slows heat flow throughout the home while air sealing targets those leaks and cracks where warm air escapes. Ultimately, proper insulation and air sealing will reduce how often you need to use your heating system in the first place. For you, this means a reduced carbon footprint and major savings on your energy bills — and a noticeable improvement in comfort with reduced drafts and cold spots.

Other home performance upgrades like basement encapsulation can contribute to a more comfortable home as well. Basement encapsulation eliminates moisture intrusion and air leakage in your basement, keeping your home dry and warm during the fall and winter months.

With the right home performance upgrades, your home can more effectively keep cold air out while keeping you and your family comfortable. Get your home ready for cooler weather with home performance upgrades that will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Get $500 Off Your Next Upgrade!

The professionals at Evergreen Home Performance want to help you “snug up your home” and improve its overall energy efficiency. Receive $500 off any project of $5,000 or more with a contract signed by October 31, 2017. With Efficiency Maine rebates of up to $2,000, that’s up to $2,500 in savings!

Snug up your home this fall and get $500 off projects of $5,000 or more. Call (207) 594-2244 or contact us to schedule your home performance upgrades!