Miniature Flapper Dresses made from The Great Gatsby

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 8:45am

As an author, I’m inspired to make miniature dresses out of altered books, particularly my favorite novels.  This is my new Flapper Series, with F. Scott Fitzgerald short stories and novels.

They are made from an unmarred page in a heavily marked up copy of The Great Gatsby, which I saved from the thrift bin. It is a beautiful book and deserves a beautiful tribute.

Each comes with its own custom tiny hanger—and are all one of a kind.

Only a few available. Dresses are $25 each and can be found at Beyond The Sea, in Lincolnville as well as Alder & Vine in Belfast (for our recent art show–only up until August 19).

All design concepts and photos © Kay Stephens

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