Mon, 12/13/2021 - 9:15am

Did I ever tell you about the wittiest thing I've ever said?

I was construction on a hotel St. Thomas U.S.V.I. (Notice I put all the punctuation in that trying to pad out this copy. This copy also). I was a superintendent and I was managing a whole bunch of West Indian workers whose papers were questionable.

When the INS vans hit the site, I turned around and found all my workers were gone. Even the people I knew who could legally work there. There was only me, Bill and Cory.

We kept working until a woman from the INS came into the bay we were working on and asked Bill where he was born. He said, "Falmouth Massachusetts," and she ticked a box off on her clipboard. Cory said "Ontario Canada," and she check another box.

She came up to me and asked where I was born. I looked right at her and said, "Lady, I was born in a cross-fire hurricane," and air-guitared the first riffs of Jumpin' Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones.

She let out a sigh and said in a depressed tone, "American..." and left the room.

So that was the wittiest thing I've ever said and how it was wasted on someone with no sense of humor.

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