NEW! - April’s Max and Aug’s Dog Blog!

Posted:  Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - 9:30am

Any of you who know my dog Buddy knows that he’s hardly greased lightning. Buddy’s movements are slow and deliberate because he’s 12 years old and has bad arthritis. He’s also not very smart. But that’s tangential to my point. 

In this month’s blog, Buddy writes about all the times he moves. It doesn’t sound like a barn-burner, but Buddy has a way of plucking heart strings and melting your heart, just to use a couple cliches. 

So why not top off that Allen’s Coffee Brandy and click on the mesmerizing tale of getting around when every joint and bone in your body aches - “BUDDY ON THE MOVE?” 


Or click on this link if you think I’m going to send you to a naughty site with a hidden link.