Posted:  Saturday, June 16, 2018 - 9:30am

A NEW Max and Aug’s Dog Blog is out! And this month it’s SPIDER-FREE!

We heard all you arachnophobes out there and we now will not advertise our blog using close up photos of deadly spiders. We reserve the right in future to advertise with snakes or other kinds of detestable vermin.


Have you ever been from away and wanted to correct the Boothbay Region's primitive ways or vindicate grievances you have suffered at the hands of the region's ignorant peasantry? As you well may know, being From Away for the first time can be a bewildering experience. Some people embrace it, others see no reason why Boothbay Harbor can't be more like Hartford CT. And then there's the people who put pen to paper and let the Boothbay Region know EXACTLY how they feel.

So grab a cup of cocoa or fortified wine and click on Love Letters to the Edge -by Don