A perfect gift for an Irish friend

Posted:  Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 8:00am

Is St. Patrick’s Day the “Holy Day” for you or an Irish friend? I made this wee fairy dress in the midst of a nor'easter. While it was a whiteout outside for nearly 18 hours, piling up over a foot, I wanted to bring the beauty of Ireland's lush green landscape into this dress with dark green reindeer moss over a birch bodice.

The back of the bodice is stitched up by bright green thread. This miniature fairy dress measures 1.5" by 4 " and comes with its own wee custom hanger.

$35–A one of a kind dress which can be found on our Etsy store.

I can also make them to order. If it is sold, contact me at kaystephenscontent@gmail.com


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