Wed, 03/16/2022 - 6:00am

Did you know that Two Salty Dogs has spread its nefarious social tentacles beyond this piffling newsletter and into places like The Pen Bay Pilot?

Just kidding! We were forbidden from ever advertising in the Pen-Bay Pilot again because the people who read it typically have reduced cranial capacity and it's impossible for them to understand sarcasm and humor. We think it's something in the Rockland water supply or that eyesore of a concrete factory pumping poison into the Knox County air. (The preceding was surmising and not fair at all).

Of course, The Pen-Bay Pilot is the apex of advertising in our Fair State and we were crushed that such a mediocre paper would reject us, but we have moved on $40/month richer.

FACEBOOK: So instead of getting 50 clicks/8 years in the Pen-Bay Pilot site, we have a Facebook site that gets 10k - 25k clicks a month. And instead of it costing us $40/month, it's totally free. And just so we're clear, Mark Zuckerberg is stealing your private information, not us.
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THE BOOTHBAY REGISTER: I feel I've done some of my best work in The Boothbay Register. And if you've been here in the summer you can get a grip on what really drives us locals nuts. Click below:


INSTAGRAM:c4c73ec4-357c-4ce8-fbff-52b4981157b0.png Lots of cute puppy photos without our trademark cynical political exhortations. Click here: 





YOUTUBE: 1b67d5f8-af46-216a-1396-fda2000d97aa.pngThere's a bunch of really cool videos I made with my Go Pro in here, and I'm trying to get all the videos I took of Max and Aug with my Blackberry imported. Don't hold your breath for the latter.





959befed-d942-3221-908e-e35c097ce1b1.pngPINTEREST:  I confess that I have no idea how this one works other than it's basically a woman's social media platform that baffles me.



0e9d8eb5-e20d-dc1a-d0bf-56c5ba89dd8d.pngTiK ToK: I tried to resist joining this, but gave in this February because of my weak constitution. There's only a couple videos on here, but expect a lot more as Mars drives me nuts.





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