Sharing the rainbows

Fri, 10/04/2019 - 3:15pm

We’ve been enjoying a glorious golden season [] here in Boothbay. Perfect weekends that have stretched the summer through September and sunshine brightening the turning leaves.

Even when we have an afternoon shower, it seems meant to give the sky a quick wash so the colors of the amber sunset are made more vivid, backlighting crimson leaves and spotlighting golden ones against a grey velvet backdrop of soft clouds.

It was just such an evening last week when, as we headed into the post office, we noticed a rainbow in the eastern sky.  As a woman coming out the door passed us, we said “Rainbow!” and nodded in its direction. She turned toward it and exclaimed, “Oh! Thanks for sharing!”

And we thought, “Sharing the rainbows. That’s what it’s all about.” [Image credit: David Marx Photography]

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