Posted:  Sunday, June 17, 2018 - 8:00am

Every American has a duty to support the institutions that made this land great. One of those institutions is the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. 

All you need to do is donate all your old tennis to Two Salty Dogs Pet Outfitters. We put them in our big barrel and sell them to owners of fetch-obsessed dogs for 2 balls/$1. (We had to increase the price from 3 balls/$1 because we are OUT). 

THEN we give the money we collect up to the shelter where it’s used to feed all the cute and snuggly puppies and kitties. Over the years, we’ve given literally thousands of dollars to the shelter just by taking something a group of people don’t want anymore and giving it to a group of people who can’t get enough of it.

But the system breaks down when we don’t have any tennis balls to sell! 

So we’re begging you - ask your friends and tennis groups to take a minute to sort through their old tennis balls and bring the old ones down to our shop. Leave them in the doghouse out front or in back if you can only make it after hours. Or call us. Heck, I’ll come over and pick them up!

Won’t you support our cute and snuggly AMERICAN puppies and kitties and bunnies and birds etc. at the shelter? Won’t you PLEASE?