A tale of two Summers

Wed, 07/07/2021 - 11:30am

People!! Let’s face it, the summer of 2020 was AWFUL!! We couldn’t see each others faces, we had to give up hugging, and trying to go out to eat at a restaurant almost required an act of Congress.  Jump ahead a year and here we are with the busiest summer in the Harbor to start any of us remember since the Clydesdales were here in 1976.  What does all of this translate too you ask??? Please be patient, be kind, and understand that everyone is trying the best they can to get you seated, serve your drinks, and prepare your food!

Brady’s decided early on we want to provide the best experience we can for our guests.  That might mean we will tell you at the door we won’t be able to seat you because we are already at capacity and want to ensure those guests we already have seated have great food and service.  Most of this is coming completely from the staffing shortages across the country. There is a truck driver shortage which prevents product arriving at warehouses and then our vendors can’t find warehouse staff which then means we can’t always get our orders. 

When you arrive in Boothbay Harbor for vacation we want you to have the best time ever and we want you to come back!  Think about an off peak time for a restaurant visit, call ahead to Brady’s to get your name on the waitlist and know ahead what the night is going to look like!!  We want everyone to have fun!! That’s what vacation is all about and Brady’s is always the center of fun.  You may get a check for your dinner but the show is always free!!

Call Ahead seating  315-6555