Thu, 09/22/2022 - 6:45am

Is everyone clear about what a "Bully" or "Pizzle" stick actually is?

Why does it fall to me- a merely and mostly irritated haberdasher- to fill in the many and substantial blanks in the US educational system? I will use minimal profanity, brief nudity, and adult situations to make my point to your atrophied brain.

ONE DAY a wealthy dowager with lots of stunning jewelry and a purse that looked like it wasn't retrieved from a TJ Maxx Dumpster marched into the shop and grabbed a handful of 12" bully sticks. She approached me confidently and said, " I need something for my Chihuahuas to chew on for a while."

I suggested duck feet- they were only $1.75/ea. They would take a small dog a while to get through. They were cartilage which dogs could process just fine.

She looked at me like I was urinating on her expensive shoes.

"That's disgusting," she said.

"Well, If I called them 'Super Happy Fun Rainbow Green Grass & Rainbows Dog Treats' you wouldn't mind."

She stared at me blankly.

"You have the most disgusting dog treat in your hand," I countered to her blankness, nodding slightly.

She looked down at her hands and the bully sticks.

"It's the naughtiest part of the bull," I said almost gleefully.

She dropped the bully sticks and marched straight out the door and lived happily ever after.

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