Wee autumn fairy dress: $35

Posted:  Monday, November 6, 2017 - 7:15am

We’ve opened our first Etsy shop so you can now buy wee Irish fairy dresses, miniature literary dresses and shadowboxes online.

This one is called The Gatherer. Now that it's autumn, the Wee Folk split up their chores. The Huntresses go out each day for small birds and vole and The Gatherers work in tandem, stealing the pine nuts away from the red squirrels, and collecting honey from combs.

This one-of-a-kind miniature lemon-yellow miniature fairy dress is made in Maine from Elm leaf and adorned with a fern skirt and applique. The fragile dress is stitched up with pale yellow thread in the back. Note: as the fern skirt has dried more, it has curled up.

It comes with its own custom hanger. See more photos at Etsy.