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I probably have painted this little island over a hundred times and I am sure others have too. I never tire of it because it is different every time I paint it. The light changes it, the fog comes in, and even the weather changes it. The trees have changed so much over the years. It is like seeing it anew each time. Sort of like going to a favourite restaurant you have and the chef and decor change every so often so it is like going to a new restaurant. I am so lucky to have it so close to my home. A plein air painters paradise.


To see this work and other paintings, visit

Ocean Point Studio

130 Van Horn Road

East Boothbay

or go to:  http://www.corinnemcintyre.com

Directions: From the traffic light at Hannaford, turn onto Route 96/Ocean Point Road. Go about six miles. Van Horn Road will be on your right. The gallery is about one-quarter mile down on the left.

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130 Van Horn Road
East Boothbay  Maine  94544
United States

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Corinne McIntyre

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