Boothbay Region Maritime Foundation

The Boothbay Region Maritime Foundation (BRMF)

We are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that formed in September of 2018 in response to widespread development that was happening in Boothbay Harbor. We were concerned that our working waterfront would be lost and as a result we would lose an important part of our culture and our maritime heritage. Our mission is to secure working waterfront and, by so doing, preserve our maritime heritage.

The Piers Project

The heritage of the Boothbay region is deeply rooted in our rich maritime history. Our fishing community depends on working waterfront for a place to park their trucks, dock their boats, sell their catch and get supplies they need to harvest food from the sea. There are only four commercial fishing properties in the Working Waterfront District and the Boothbay Region Maritime Foundation is working to rebuild two of them, the old co-op pier and Carter’s Wharf. Rebuilding these piers will provide the access our fishing community needs to continue working on the water. This is a significant project that requires the support of our community as well as State and Federal grants. We have recently completed the permitting process and are ready to proceed with construction in January of 2022. 

In October of 2018, Maine Preservation added working waterfront in Boothbay Harbor to its “Top 10 List of Most Endangered Places in Maine,” citing that “only 20 miles of mainland and island shoreline are still considered working waterfront used to support commercial fishing.” Neighboring states of New Hampshire and Rhode Island have state-owned fishing piers that support their fishing communities. In Canada, fishermen rely on government-owned piers for dockage and storage of gear. Our Maine coastline is for sale to the highest bidder and ownership is not attainable for the average lobsterman. Preserving working waterfront is critical for the future of the fishing industry.


The Boothbay Region Maritime Foundation Research Collection

The Research collection is a collaboration among the Penobscot Marine Museum (PMM), the Boothbay Region Historical Society and BRMF. Contributors loan their photos for digitization by professional archivists at the Penobscot Marine Museum. Digital copies are added to an online collection that is accessible to the public FREE of charge. Donors in 2020 included the Department of Marine Resources, the Boothbay Register, and the Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library as well individuals from the region. Photos and photos of artifacts from the Boothbay Region Historical Society have also been added. A small portion of the photos has been uploaded to the PMM website and are now available to the public. This is an ongoing project.

CLICK HERE to view the collection.

The Maritime Mystery Tour

This is an opportunity for you to travel back in time and visit an active fishing community that dates back to the early history of our state, back to a time when seasonal fishing establishments were located on Damariscove Island and at Cape Newagen and Monhegan. The rich fishing grounds of the Boothbay Region are what brought people to settle here. Our beautiful deep water harbors continue to bring visitors here to relax and enjoy locally caught lobsters, crabs, fish, and fresh locally harvested oysters and clams. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful and fruitful place!
There are different levels of participation for the mystery tour. If you enjoy a challenge, and know a little bit about local history, you may be able to figure out locations by the written clues alone. If you are familiar with our area, you may be able to find the locations using the photos. If you are visiting the area you may want to read the clues, learn about the site's significance, then click on the map clues tab to see directions for how to get there. The main thing is to have fun! Get your family and friends together, tackle one or two at a time, or spend a day in the region to visit as many mystery sites as you can. Feel free to email us if you have any questions or suggestion. Enjoy!

The mystery tour is made possible through a collaboration between several area organizations including the Boothbay Region Historical Society and the Penobscot Marine Museum. These organizations are dedicated to preserving local heritage and provide access to photos and artifacts from our maritime history. If you are interested in learning more about our fishing heritage and the history of our region, we encourage you to visit both of these establishments to purchase books, photos, maps, and other items. 

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