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Carol Buxton is not selling property, she's connecting people with properties they'll love for life.


Carol Buxton, Real Estate Broker

Real Estate is my passion, and always has been! Growing up in upstate N.Y., Utica, we were surrounded by an eclectic variety of Victorian, Romanesque, Colonial, Federal, and every other style of architecture. I used to walk down the main street and just marvel at the variety! As an adult I was married to an Air Force pilot, and my two children, 2 dogs, cat, and I moved fourteen times in 20 years, and summered here on Juniper Point. Our travels took us to Germany, Norway, most other European countries, and many places in the US as well. 

Loving houses as I do, Real Estate seemed a natural progression. In 1981 I opened my own office, at home and have been here ever since. I make it my mission to only represent properties I can be proud of, and only here on the Boothbay peninsula. I do not sell "homes". I sell buildings and locations that become the cornerstones of people's lives. I stay in touch with my clients and we become family to each other. I fully understand what entering a new community means, and what steps are needed to make one truly feel "home". 

My policy has always been to be available whenever my clients need me. Aside from Real Estate, literature (I was an English major), art, and animal rescue and welfare, are my "Grande Passions". 





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