Lincoln Theater

Lincoln Hall was built in 1875 and was intended to be an important building for public functions of Lincoln County. As the social center of the community, the hall was used for fire company drills, balls, graduations, dances, benefits, temperance meetings, town meetings and conventions.

The original wooden floor which was laid in a circular pattern to facilitate the popular rolling skating in the early 1900s is still in place today. Company productions took place against four backdrop scenes and actors made use of the two small dressing rooms that still flank the stage. The walls of these dressing rooms are filled with the signatures of every actor who took part in a production here, and that tradition continues with the casts of our live productions today.

Sometime in the twenties, the theater was outfitted to show moving pictures. During the past seven years, the Lincoln Theater has added a new annex with an elevator, office space & new handicap accessible bathrooms.

In the summer of 2008 the theater was air-conditioned for the first time in history. New seats and a Main Street marquee were added in 2009. In 2010, the ceiling was renovated. Improvements are on-going.


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