Anchor Church will not be meeting at Edgecomb Eddy School

Thu, 10/22/2020 - 12:45pm

    The Anchor Church out of Boothbay requested approval to use the facility for their services. This is a group of local community members who did not have a place to hold their service. They have done a lot in recent years to volunteer in support of our local students (help at Set for Success and other events).The superintendent and I agreed to allow them to use only the gymnasium and bathroom close to the cafeteria. We had a school staff member who was going to be with them to make sure sanitation protocol and masking protocol was followed.  The group is less than 50 in number (the Governor's order is for groups to remain under 100), and they would have to follow the Maine CDC approved COVID-19 Pre-Screening Tool for School Attendance. I was in contact with a local pediatrician who agreed that the protocol and staff presence made it a safe event and would not have a negative impact on students and staff. The board knew of all these measures and were in agreement with the use for this facility for the meeting.

    In light of parent reactions to this allowance, we will not be allowing the use of the facility to the Anchor Church nor any group during COVID-19 times. While it may be neighborly and safe with enforced protocol to allow it, the parent community has made it clear that they are nervous about the possibility of COVID transmission, even when students are not present in the building.  

    Through every brief step of this process, the safety of students and staff was constantly considered.  Administration and the board recognizes the feelings of the public at this time, so we will honor the wishes of the parents by limiting usage of the building to students and staff during the pandemic. If you have further questions or concerns, please email me ( or the superintendent (  

    Roger Ferrell of Anchor Church asked that attendees should check the church’s website,, for more information on future services.