letter to the editor

Are you an expert in everything?

Posted:  Monday, January 29, 2018 - 4:45pm

Dear Editor:

An interesting question was posted online by a reader. I began with my usual Google research to see if anyone in history were experts in everything. Generally experts require extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation in areas of study.  It is said their knowledge has the ability to influence others.  Today, money seems to be a more frequent influencer.

“Smithsonian” warns us that experts are often wrong because they cannot accurately predict what is going to happen.  The exceptions are Albert Einstein’s predictions that continue to be proven 100 years later.

Some state it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert.  It turns out the number of hours depends on the skills you need to acquire.  It also takes an interest in and a commitment to the field of expertise you wish to acquire.

The posted question was asked regarding the “Our Money, our taxes, our debt and our country” letter.  The title was based on the assumption that those reading the letter earned money that was taxed, and that some of the taxes were needed to reduce budget debt.  It also assumed all readers believed the United States was their country.  All data introduced in the letter was the result of research, especially about the federal budget process.  Given the complexity of that process, I felt it was useful to offer information for readers.

No I am not an expert in everything, but I do research every day of every week on a variety of topics of interest to me.  The subject of the next letter depends on what I found of interest and information that might solve problems.

I am glad to meet “are you an expert.”  I have been a curious person since I was two years old. I took 12 years to complete my BA due to one year in photography, premed, political science, law, and many years in English Literature.  While I have two graduate degrees, MBA and MEd., I know current research remains essential to learning and writing.  In answer to your question, I am not an expert in everything.

Jarryl Larson