Boothbay Region Y-Arts Spring Concert shows energy, talent of youth

Thu, 05/18/2023 - 2:00pm

It started with “L.O.V.E.” and, before taking their final bows, the entertainers provided lots of love, talent and fun at the Y-Art Spring Concert held Wednesday, May 17 in the Boothbay Region YMCA gymnasium.

As always, the youngest dancers and singers brought the biggest smiles to the audience, which numbered over 200. Dressed in blue and black outfits, the littlest learners were prompted by instructor Emily Mirabile, YMCA Arts and Humanties director, as they performed the opening number.

Eighteen other performances, which included some solos and duets along with group ensembles, showed the mothers, fathers, grandparents and many others the dedication of the instructor and performers.

The groups included the Itty Bitty Tap and Beginner Tap dancers, Youth Choir, Itty Bitty Ballet and Beginner Ballet dancers, the Advanced and Intermediate Music Theater groups, and Kiddie Choir group. Solo performances were by Ford Harris, Jessie Ullo and Scout Martin. A stellar tap dance routine was performed by Imij Armstead and Sophia Mansfield, who assisted Mirabile with many of the performances and helped the young dancers during their dances. Also helping with the show were Sarah Harris and Ella Watts.

The approximately 40 performers were given a rousing round of applause following the hour-plus-long concert.