letter to the editor

A bribe is a bribe

Posted:  Monday, February 19, 2018 - 4:45pm

Dear Editor:

Subject: A reference from the Wiscasset selectmen’s meeting (donations for legal fund).

“(At Tuesday’s meeting, the select board voted unanimously to put the question of whether to accept such donations before town residents. A special town meeting will be held this month for that purpose, though the date has not been set.)”

Regarding: Town of Wiscasset and Maine DOT lawsuit

A bribe, is a bribe, and a bribe is still a bribe! And to accept a bribe is wrong. If the citizens of Wiscasset accept it, they are wrong. And if the selectmen accept it, they are wrong and corrupt.

United States Route 1 was put under state of Maine control many years ago for many good reasons. Possibly one of the best reasons was to act fairly to all citizens of the state of Maine.

If a business cannot be profitable, that is the owners problem! For 65 years the owners have cashed in on the problem they have helped to cause at the expense of all of us who need to travel through, without stopping in Wiscasset.

Pete Yesmentes

East Boothbay