letter to the editor

Bureaucratic nonsense

Posted:  Monday, September 18, 2017 - 3:45pm

Dear Editor:

I attended the Sept. 11 Edgecomb Selectmen’s meeting with a representative from the DOT, Gerry Audibert. This meeting addressed the dangerous conditions on Eddy Road, particularly the curve at the cove, and the large tractor trailer trucks that regularly speed through this area as a short-cut to Routes 1 and 27. I was nearly hit head-on by one such truck.

In a nutshell, it appears from what I gleaned from the meeting, that the DOT protects the interests of commercial vehicles on state roads more than those interests of the residents in the area. In order to restrict large truck traffic from speeding through this narrow and winding road, an act which endangers the public, scores and scores of bureaucratic paperwork would need to be submitted to the DOT for review. The interests of large semi-trucks –- the one that nearly hit me was from Indiana --- seem to be paramount on state roads.

The data which was used in the “study” by the DOT seemed to be woefully underestimated with regard to accidents and traffic volume. The Edgecomb fire chief was in attendance and took issue with the numbers cited, particularly with regard to accidents; due to the fact that he has to personally attend and/or deal with accidents in the area.

I am very grateful to the Edgecomb Selectmen, Jack Sarmanian, Mike Smith and Ted Hugger, for taking a sincere interest in the safety of their community. Rep. Hawke is also very supportive and aware of the conditions on Eddy Road.

The best residents can hope for from the DOT are some warning signs and a reduction in speed on that road. Thousands of visitors sent through Eddy Road by their GPS units have no idea how dangerous this area is, particularly in winter, as they head to the Gardens Aglow and the Boothbay peninsula. What will it take? Some horrendous accident? I almost ended up through a guard rail and in the river. It is just by pure luck that we avoided a head-on collision with that enormous, speeding truck.

Haven't we all had enough of the bureaucratic nonsense and paperwork? I think it may be time for common sense to take the driver's seat.

Maggie Connelly

West Boothbay Harbor