’Round Town


Posted:  Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 8:45am

CBS “Sunday Morning” celebrates its 40th season this year. They had a wonderful retrospective special on TV, showing lots of clips from their many years of programs. Happy to say, our good friend Marylou Teel was very instumental in organizing the show which took long hours of researching archives in addition to her usual generous work load producing pieces for the weekly show. Great job ML and associates.

One of the show segments revisited brought back fond memories of our time with Charles Kuralt. In the clip shown, Charles was honored as the first host of “Sunday Morning” during a visit with Ralph Lauren on his ranch in Colorado. It was fun to hear his voice again. I will never forget the message he left on our home answering machine.

After a day out in the world I came home, greeted the family, and retreated to my basement office and darkroom. Before heading in to process films from the day, I punched the button on our tape recorded telephone answering machine. “Hello, Mr. Mitchell, this is Charles Kuralt” in the unmistakably dulcet tones we had so looked forward to hearing each Sunday morning. The message went on to say that Mr. Kuralt was in need of some photos for a book he was working on and would I be available to discuss plans while he was in town.

Ummmm. Let me think about that! I replayed the message about six times then asked my wife to please drop everything and come listen with me!

Ken Brown was a good friend of mine and Charles stayed at Brown’s Wharf when he came to town. Charles needed photos of some good Maine folks, like Bud Brackett, John Begin, Ken Brown, Herb and Doris Smith, along with Captain Gib Philbrick (S/V Nathaniel Bowditch). Gib's son Tom and family own and operate Boothbay Lobster Wharf now. Back then it was the “Co-op.” Ken recommended me.

Later, during another Charles visit, he asked if we could visit a lighthouse. Pemaquid Point got the call. It was not a “job” job, just a leisurely tour. But I always carry a camera. We made a few photographs down in front of the light, fending off a New Jersey bus tour group. Several months later Charles called to say that his publisher would like to  use one of our lighthouse photos for the cover of his book “America.” Jeez!

Sunday mornings would never be the same. Thank you Charles.