Compelled to speak out

Mon, 11/23/2020 - 5:30pm

Dear Editor:

At what point do we call a betrayal for what it is? Our president is taking an axe our nation’s most foundational principles. As he promotes untruths, we are asked to show restraint and respect. He leverages our goodwill to do ill. Most newspapers are clear not to print personal attacks. But how are we to respond to a president who purposely is undermining democracy? He has called into question the votes of nearly 80 million citizens who legally cast their ballots. That’s personal.

Respect can only be sustained when rules of engagement are honored by all sides. When someone tries to game the system for advantage, our crying foul is both appropriate and a public service. If a newspaper, in an abundance of caution, chooses not to acknowledge a clear and on-going dis-information campaign imperiling the wellbeing of its readership, it unwittingly enables that very betrayal to continue.

If I were to say, ‘Our president is lying’, would that be name-calling, or simply telling the truth?

Subverting a national election is local. We are compelled to speak out. For those who have put their trust in this president, it may be time to review whether that allegiance has been misplaced.

George Mason