Lincoln County

December property transfers

Sat, 01/12/2019 - 8:45am

The Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in December:

Alna: None recorded.

Boothbay: Cook, Michael P. and Cook, Karen A. to Damuck, Gary B.; Cornelia W. Dickinson Revocable Trust Agreement II, Bank of America NA Tr. and Dickinson, Cornelia W. Revocable Trust Agreement II to German, Amy D. Dickinson, Samuel F. Shelton, Shelton, Dickinson Samuel F. and Dickinson, Roger H. III;  Thompson, Lee Michael to Habitat For Humanity/7 Rivers Maine Inc; Price, S. Warren, Price, Warren and Price, Jacquelyn F. to Weekes, Charles D. Tr., Weekes Living Trust and Weekes, Luanne P. Tr.; Gibbon, Edward C. Tr., Edward Gibbon Living Trust and Gibbon, Edward Living Trust to Gibbon, Thomas C., Gibbon, David C.;  Gibbon, David C. and Gibbon, Thomas C. to Gibbon, David C. Tr., Gibbon Cottage Trust and Gibbon, Thomas C. Tr.; Sirois, Joyce B. to Sirois, Joyce B. and Sirois, David;  Dorr, John Est. and McCabe, Terry P R to  Howison, Lee L. and Howison, Cynthia J.;  Gove, Paula R. Dalton to Gove, Paula R. Dalton and Gove, John; Emm-O-Freeman Foundation Inc, Emma-O-Freeman Foundation Inc. and Freeman, Emma-O-Foundation Inc. to Shuster, Edward P R, Westling, Wayne A. Est and Gill, Kathy P R; Gill, Kathy P R, Westling, Wayne A. Est. and Shuster, Edward P R to Boyd, R. Garry; Donnelly, Kathleen E. to Degroff, Betsey M.;   Carver, Dolores M. P R and Warren, Harold G. to Oak Hill Partners LLC;  Rodrick, Laurence A. and Rodrick, Mary Jean to Dephilippis, Robert M. and Dephilippis, Donna M.; Baumm, Eric M. P R, Baumm, Norman Craig Est. and Baumm, N. Craig to Est.  Hudson James R. Jr. and Hudson, Nancy F.; Norton, Edward M. Tr. and 68 Murray Hill Road Trust to Norton, James H. Jr.; Norton, James H. Jr. Tr. and 70 Murray Hill Road Trust to  Norton, James H. Jr.; Spencer, Robin L. and Spencer, Theresa A. to Moroney, Thomas A. and Moroney, Catherine D.;  McConegal, Thomas W. and McGonegal, Patricia A. to Little Sehome LLC; Mathias, Cordula to Mathias, Cordula and Bettinson, Brenda;  Klock, Dexter F. P R, Klock, Stanley W. Est. and Klock, Douglas O. P R to Poirier, Christopher C. and Davis, Jeffrey R.;  Grant, Alice T. to Tibbetts, Nicole Allison and Hahn, Myron Tucker Davis;  Reny, Jean, Reny, Jean F. and Reny, F. Jean to Reny, Valerie J.;  Behringer, James K. to Arled Woodlands LLC; Morley, Sarah B. P R and Brewer, Mary Frances Dodge Est. to Morley, Sarah B.   

Boothbay Harbor: Mierkiewicz, Caitlin M., White, Caitlin Mary and White, Wesley to Beattie, Feldmann Steven M. and Feldmannova, Marie;   Villaume, Elizabeth A. P to Lail, Douglas E. and Lail, Katherine B.;  Carito, William A. Tr and Union Street Realty Trust to Carito, William A. and Ross, Barbara A.; Culbert, Kenneth B. Tr., Culbert, Kenneth B., Kenneth B. Culbert Living Trust, Culbert, Kenneth B. Living Trust and Culbert, Family LLC to Knowles, Cutler Laura Culbert and Cutler, Laura Culbert Knowles;  Nightingale, Judith F., Schricker, Judith F., Nightingale, Judith F. Tr., Schricker, Judith F. Tr., Judith F Schricker Revocable Trust, Schricker, Judith F. Revocable Trust, Judith F. Nightingale Revocable Trust Of 2005 and Nightingale, Judith F. Revocable Trust Of 2005 to Young, Thomas R. and Young, Priscilla M.;  Wolcott, Linda L. Tr., Frank E. Wolcott III Revocable Living Trust and Wolcott, Frank E. III Revocable Living Trust to Wolcott, Linda L. Tr., Frank E. Wolcott III Credit Shelter Trust and Wolcott, Frank E. III Credit Shelter Trust; Clapp, Linda B. to Clapp, Linda B. and Clapp, David D.; Carito, William A. and Ross, Barbara A. to Schmidt, James K. and Schmidt, Nancy L.; Panaro, Glenn A. and Panaro, Michelle L. to High Ledge LLC;  Healion, Thomas E. to Chambers, Michael Thomas and Chambers, Erika A.; Mann, Alden H. and Mann, Sharyn Hale to Katama Acquisitions LLC;  Lilly, Beverly R. to Keilty, Victor A.;  Setz, Marla to Setz, Patrick; Cooper, Unni L. to Swan, Holly J. Tr., Barnard, Laura S. Tr., Swan, Harmanus III Tr. and McKown Point Real Estate Trust; Bischoff, Nancy G. to Poole, Kristi L.; Frazier, Martha Tr., Norma J. Holmberg Trust and Holmberg, Norma J. Trust to Comerford, Jeffrey M. and Comerford, Delight Eloise; Whitman, Neil G. and Whitman, Melinda F. to Whitman, Neil G. Tr., Whitman, Melinda F. Tr. and Whitman, Living Trust;  Kelly, Richard M. and Kelly, Dana Reed to Tew, Margaret Kelly and Tison, Virginia Kelly.               

Dresden: Bank Of America N A to McMorrow, J. Brendan; Putnam, Nancy J. to Green Mountain Land Holdings LLC; Thibeault, Diane L. and Reinholdsten, Diane L. to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB Tr. and Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust A; Barnard, Stephen L. Tr. and Barnard Revocable Trust to Moore, John Frederick and Kautz, Daniel Joseph; Stoltz, Helen K. to  Sheridan, Judy.         

Edgecomb: C & L Forestry Wood Pellets Inc. to Carlson, Erik K.

Southport: Harle, Barbara Joyce Tr., Barbara Joyce Harle Trust and Harle, Barbara Joyce Trust to Marston, Thomas W. and Marston, Nancy J.;  Royall, William L. to McCurdy, James L. and McCurdy, Gina M.;  Wallace, Priscilla E. to Spring, Sherrill Tr. and Wallace Children Trust Agreement #3; Eaton, Robert M. to Dowling, William M. III;  Spring, Sherrill Tr. and Wallace Children Trust Agreement #3 to Dowling, William M. III; Byrnes, Michael R. P R, Byrnes, Robert E. Est. and Byrnes, Mary S. Est to Bitting, John H. and Bitting, Mercedes W.;  Hutchins, Marcus A., Hutchins, Andrea J. and Hutchins, Andrea to Hutchins, Marcus Tr., Hutchins, Andrea J. Tr., Marcus Hutchins Living Trust, Hutchins, Marcus Living Trust, Hutchins, Andrea J. Living Trust and Andrea J. Hutchins Living Trust.    

Westport Island: Peavey, Judith B. to Peavey, Jeffrey W. and Peavey, Judith B.; Mahoney, James H. and Mahoney, Kathryn A. to Sheehan, Susan A.    

Wiscasset: Johnson, Marie W. P R and West, Wilberta May Nichols Est. to Gardner, Kaitlyn R.; Whitmore, Christopher M., Whitmore, Kristen Lane Travers and Travers, Whitmore Kristen Lane to Campagna, Keith and Sullivan, Karen M.;  Wiscasset, Inhab. Of to West, Dion B.; Wharton, Joseph Samuel L. IV to Allen, Jeffrey C.; Geng, Paula and Geng, Paula F. to Geng, Paula Frances Tr., Geng, Paula F. Tr., Paula Frances Geng Revocable Living Trust and Geng, Paula Frances Revocable Living Trust; Nicoll, Gordon F. Tr., Nicoll, Gordon F. P R, Nicoll, Peter S. Tr., Nicoll, Peter S. P R, Nicoll Family Trust, Nicoll, Robert G. Est., Odell, Kimberly Tr. and Odell, Kimberly P R to Westport Antiques Company LLC; Wells, Andree J. to Monnett, John D. and Monnett, Tiffany M.;  Reed, Stephen D. to Grover, Chester B. III and Grover, Michelle M.;  Knight, George E. and Knight, Marjorie M. to Knight, Stacey D., Knight, George E. and Knight, Marjorie M.; Verney, Joel W. and  Richards, Timothy L. to Richards, Christopher;  Greenleaf, Kimberly F. to K & K Financial Group LLC;  Wiscasset, Inhab. Of to Cinq, Mars Kenneth, Mars, Kenneth Cinq, Mars, Gisele Cinq and Cinq, Mars Gisele; Wiscasset, Inhab. Of to Pinkham, Albert Jr.;   Wiscasset, Inhab. Of to Pinkham, Starr A.; Wiscasset, Inhab. Of to Morris, Jill and Morris, Tracy; Bank Of America N A to Cross Country Equity LLC;  JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, Ward, Brandon N. and Ward, Bethany R. to 69 Center LLC; Hammond, James A. to Decosta, Mitchell C. and Decosta, Marissa L.; Bank Of America N A to Reynolds, Theodore Wayne;  69 Center LLC to Vendue LLC; Wiscasset, Inhab. Of to Berry, Sally A.