’Round Town

The Dolphin

Posted:  Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 10:00am

Even before we moved to Southport in 2001, the Cape Newagen area was a well visited location for me.

Over the years, in all seasons, I have enjoyed the beauty of this idyllic little harbor — at sunrise and sunset, at high tide and low. The town landing pier is a great vantage for views that go from Ocean Point to Reid State Park and Popham. Damariscove island and lighthouses at Ram Island, the Cuckolds and Seguin Island, stand out, and on a clear day, who knows how far can be seen.

During pseudo photo tours of the region, Cape Newagen is high on the list of things to share. Morning, noon or night, there is always something to see. In particular I enjoy pointing out “The Wicked Witch's House” across the cove from the pier. That item of interest often brings up some spooky stories about “The Wizard of Oz” and associated memories. The flying monkeys and the “Yo-ee- oh, ye- oh- um” marching into the castle still make me jittery. Margaret Hamilton, played a major witch role in the movie, summered here and could often be seen rowing out to the island from the town dock.

During a recent unplanned visit to Newagen , I happened upon local fisherman Gary Snowman, who was baling his skiff after a heavy rain. I recognized the cut out gallon milk jug baler tool. I have a similar model at home. He was gracious and cordial but clearly interested in getting the water out of his boat. We chatted briefly.

Gary's father, Leland Snowman, was another favorite Cape Newagen figure. Years ago his family asked me to help them make a photograph similar to a view from an old postcard of a fisherman sitting amidst a pile of gear. It was boiling hot, but Mr. Snowman managed to survive in full fishing attire. He was a good sport.

In an even more recent visit to the Cape (accompanying photo), Gary was preparing “The Dolphin” for winter and another year of Newagen. He's writing a book about the Newagen community, which will help to preserve the history of this special place.