’Round Town

Dominic's bench

Wed, 11/06/2019 - 10:30am

In October 1968, Dominic Garvey made his motion picture film debut in the movie “The Night of the Living Dead.” Fifty-one years later, this past rainy foggy Halloween morning, a stone bench honoring Dominic was installed in front of the Boothbay Harbor United Methodist Church, across Townsend Avenue from the Opera House.

Dominic's bench, ideally placed between two of his favorite music venues, and within an easy walk of the former Rocktide and the Carousel Dinner Theatre, will remind us of how much this community meant to him.

Dominic did not return from “The Living Dead” to supervise the installation, but truth be told, he was very much present, I felt, as his bench was being assembled. None of the small group gathered this morning discussed his presence, but I could hear his perpetual urging and significant advice.

Special thanks and recognition for the attendants. Cathy Blake was there well covered from the rain, and most supportive on behalf of the church. Joe Norton and his crew, William Morton, and Brandon Giles, prepped and installed the finished piece with an excavator that never left the bed of its trailor, fine tuning and achoring the bench to insure proper seating. Thank you to Pastor Richard Rego for helping to provide permission for the bench and to church members who supported Dominic's memory. Susan Endicott, who provided moral support and encouragement throughout Dominic's life, was also on hand helping to ensure a lyrical moment. I am told that an official dedication ceremony will take place in Dominic's honor later this month.

Anyone who knew Dominic was very aware of the importance of music in his life. He played for services at the Methodist Church and led the choir. For many years at the Rocktide restaurant, Dominic entertained diners and met and connected with hundreds of visitors. He came to Maine to play a central role at the Carousel Dinner Theatre. Dominic's trips to the live opera showings in Brunswick were legendary --- it was an advanced course in all aspects of performance analysis.

He was eternally grateful for the time he spent at the high school preparing shows with his dear friend Mary Miller.

Please take a moment to visit with Dominic at his bench and to thank Church members for their willingness to honor him. And if, while you sit and reflect on the life of the maestro, you should detect a soft J.S. Bach chord or two, just be patient. It’s only Dominic saying hello with his thanks.