letter to the editor

The dumping of misinformation

Posted:  Monday, February 26, 2018 - 4:30pm

Dear Editor:

People are dumping misinformation around the effort to defend Wiscasset against the Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT)'s and Governor (Paul) LePage's bullying. Let's keep the facts before us.

First, the Doering family, who owns several buildings in town, has not sued Wiscasset. The Doerings have offered to help offset the cost of Wiscasset's suit against MDOT in order to take that burden off fellow taxpayers (the Doerings are taxpayers, too). We owe them thanks.

Second, other people have expressed interest in giving money to the town for this purpose. They share a commitment to protecting local ordinances, the historic village (Wiscasset's cash cow as well as its legacy), and the tax base.

Third, citizens fighting the removal of Main Street parking (Option 2) are not against change; they're for constructive change. Taking away storefront parking leads to small businesses' demise and, in turn, higher taxes for everyone and a much less lively village.

MDOT's Option 1 presents an excellent compromise, giving all sides a slice of what they want. Option 1 removes some but not all Main Street parking and does not demolish the historic Haggett building. MDOT has stated that Option 1 will improve traffic through-put, and it's ADA-friendly.

If Wiscasset and MDOT rally behind Option 1, there won't be any need for lawsuits and everyone can step forward into the future together.

Anne Leslie