’Round Town

Fall reflections

Wed, 10/21/2020 - 8:00am

Reflecting has always been a fall thing for me. I'm not sure why, but leaf changes, cooler temperatures and shorter days make me think back over the year. Something about how summer ends. The autumn is m y favorite time.

I think the fall urges me to see differently. Take for example the image I share this week, which by the way, should continue to drive the newspaper printer nuts! Sorry folks. I keep annoying you with my challenging subjects. Don't worry, it will get worse!

Our little pond here at home is a living kaleidoscope. Remember those all you hippie dippies from far and near. The hallucinogenic tube of delight! Twist the barrel and peer into the eyepiece for the light show of the century. Whoa! How those colors could blend and bend and twist and twirl.

You might believe that I spend some time with said instrument. I still have one, and will occasionally lift up my mood with a fast twist and a shake!.

Well, our pond is pretty fun to watch. Here's how it works. For a very short period of time in the fall (and the spring too, to a lesser extent), the water of the pond becomes a reflective prism. The sun must be just right, the colors robust, and the camera at the ready. This show waits for no one. So, at this time of year, meaning mid to late October and sometimes into very early November, the vegetation surrounding the pond develops new color, as can be seen in the photo (I hope). The swamp maples, red bushes, pine, spruce, the determined birch, and the crystal blue sky, mix up into a wonderful layer of color on the pond surface.

But, wait, we are only halfway there. The final added touch is a gentle puff of breeze that stirs the reflections on the surface and blends them together. To watch this is mesmerizing, to photograph it, incredibly exciting. I am embarrassed to admit hundreds of images have been recorded! Thank goodness film processing costs are no longer an issue. I have been known to spend significant time watching to the point of forgetting to photograph. The combination of colors is remarkable, constantly changing with the direction of the breeze and color changes.

This is the time to watch the water folks. Its a great show. Pack a lunch!