Letter to the editor

Give it a rest

Mon, 11/22/2021 - 3:00pm
Dear Editor:
Let’s be honest, that sign in your yard is political. Whether you want the world to know you support blue lives or black lives or all lives, whether your sign exclaims your love for people of all races and creeds or whether it curses a sitting president, however coyly, it’s political.
I’m not adverse to political signs. I’ve been known to endorse a candidate or cause during election season, but those signs come down shortly after the votes have been cast. I’ve also cursed my share of presidents, just not on a yard sign. And for the record I’ve cursed both democrat and republican ones. Sadly, with politics as fraught with dissension as it is these days, yard signs have become a part of our landscape. It’s impossible to walk the dog or bring in the mail without a daily reminder of a neighbor’s politics even though most of us are trying our darnedest to forget your politics so we can continue to be your friend and neighbor.
In a town as small as Wiscasset, you don’t need the sign, trust me, everyone knows your politics. So, in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday can we please just give the signs a rest?
Kim Dolce