letter to the editor

Having the right perspective

Posted:  Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 3:30pm

Dear Editor:

I was very disappointed when Angus King voted against the tax reform measure in Congress. Even though he voted against it, we have seen companies view the tax reform more favorably as evidenced by giving their employees raises and bonuses. That’s money Americans are getting on top of the tax cuts that they will see from this reform. One or two thousand dollars might not sound like much to the Washington elites, but it sure can make a difference to Maine families. The extra money can make a significant dent in car, mortgage, or credit card payments. Or perhaps a family will be now be able to afford the computer their son or daughter needs for college. Even to just have a little extra money in a rainy day savings account can help reduce the day to day stress. It adds up, and it matters.

Angus King voted against these positive outcomes for Mainers when he voted against the tax reform measure.

I was glad to hear that Sen. Eric Brakey from Maine Senate District 20 supported the tax reform legislation. Brakey isn’t in the U.S. Senate yet, but I sure hope he will be after this next election. Angus King has repeatedly demonstrated that he does not represent the average Mainer.

It’s time to have someone who will.

Shirley McLaren