Wiscasset Historic Preservation Commission

HPC approves COA for former Le Garage

Kontrath resigns, chair says
Fri, 04/19/2019 - 4:00pm

The signage, wood species for an egress stairway, and screens for the utilities for the former Le Garage, with a working name of 15 Water Street Bar and Grill, passed unanimously at the April 18 Wiscasset Historic Preservation Commission.

The certificate of appropriateness had been tabled to give owner,Ed Colburn and his contractors time to make the final decisions about those items.

Commission Chair John Reinhardt said  memberAlbert Gordon Kontrath has resigned after two years of service.  That left three members. Susan Blagden, former member and current consultant to the HPC,  has asked selectmen to appoint her back to the commission. Selectmen will consider it Tuesday night.

The commission expects to elect its officers and consider the fence for the town’s Ancient Cemetery at the next meeting May 2. 

With Kontrath’s departure, the commission still requires one or two members and alternate, Reinhardt said. Anyone interested in joining the commission should stop at the town office and fill out paperwork.