letter to the editor

Important vote at Edgecomb town meeting

Posted:  Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 7:30am

Dear Editor:

Calling all Edgecomb residents who would like to have or believe others should have public access to the two rivers and/or the Lilly pond in Edgecomb. Please come to the Edgecomb town meeting on May 19.

There has been talk of not putting the full amount of boat excise tax into the Woodend fund for future purchase and development of public access as we have in other years. This year they may propose taking some funds away from the boat access transfer to pay a harbor master. I have a hard time justifying changing a volunteer harbor master position to a paid position when there is no place you can get off a boat in Edgecomb unless you have private access. Our waterfront is adequately patrolled by the Coast Guard and the Marine Patrol.

Fifty years ago this was not a problem because there were several stone piers and landings with no concern or need to make them private and closed to the public. Back then neighborhoods shared access freely. Not so today. If we do not continue to add the excise tax to the Woodend fund we will not have the funds needed when another piece becomes available.

Mentioning available, the selectmen should be more open to offers made to sell the town shore property. Two long-time residents have offered deep water access to the town only to be put off by the selectmen. The money was there but they deemed each piece too expensive or inappropriate. After being turned away, both pieces have sold and are now private. Either one could have been purchased out of the Woodend fund with no increase in property taxes to residents. Are the selectmen serving all the people. Lucky for me, my wife’s family have always shared their access with me.

Please tell the selectmen public access is important to who do not own private access as well as new residents looking to move into town. Come to the town meeting May 19 and vote to add boat excise fund to the Woodend Fund for future access.

Thomas Boudin