It’s a mixed media show for Art at the Grill

Thu, 06/06/2019 - 8:30am

Art at the Grill’s summer season opens with a mixed media show, Monday, June 10. Damariscotta River Grill hosts Lonie Ellis, Douglas Houle and Rebecca Shorb, who share their experience of Maine with three distinctly different styles and viewpoints, through pastel, oil, encaustic and works in clay.  Meet the artists and savor summer hors d’oeuvres at the “Art at the Grill” opening reception, Thursday, June 13, from 4-5:30 p.m. Stop in for a delicious meal and enjoy this show June 10 through July 21.

Multi-medium Topsham artist Lonie Laffely Ellis creates exquisite and unique pieces by painting and layering with wax, sculpting with clay and creating with fiber.  She shares, “Being outside in nature is good for the soul. In my garden, hiking or kayaking the coastline is where I like to be. Back in my studio, I want to capture nature's beauty and the peaceful places that give me joy. When I am creating a painting or clay piece, it takes me back to those outdoor moments and lets me share the beauty with others. Living with art that depicts the natural world reminds us to slow down and stay connect with nature year round.”

Douglas Houle, an accomplished oil painter from Augusta, highlights the architecture of small town New England. “I am drawn to the charm and nostalgia around old homes and barns, store fronts, and light houses. Whether the places are frequently visited or passed by, they surround a town’s people, giving recognition to the historical relevance they have in our communities. I like to create a mood in my paintings that will remind you of a time gone by, and light and color are crucial for these pieces. Working primarily in oils, I leave the under layer of my painting showing through the planes and edges, which helps to develop a level of interest to the surrounding work.  Objects absorb and reflect all sorts of color and how that is manipulated impacts the mood. The light that each color creates is there to invite you. I want you to live in every one of these rooms, within each window, and behind every possible door.”

Rebecca Shorb is an award winning plein air pastel artist living and working in mid coast Maine and Pennsylvania.  She received her teaching credentials in art and taught in the Maryland Public School System for over 28 years.  Upon retirement she began pursuing her own art in earnest and found her passion working in the outdoors of Maine. Fifteen years ago she began doing the critique for “Plein Air Painters-the Real Thing,” a group of 25 painters in Midcoast Maine. She and husband Harold are avid art collectors and have a broad and extensive collection.

Please call the Damariscotta River Grill for more information 562-2992. The Grill is located on Main Street, Damariscotta, and is open seven days for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch.