’Round Town


Wed, 02/26/2020 - 9:15am

Jack Sherman grew up on Southport. He spent lots of time in his youth climbing rocks on Pratt’s Island and riding bikes around Southport, and fishing. His family has great ties to the island for generations with many strong connections to the area.

Jack’s father, Bill Sherman, was and still is well thought of for his boat captaining skills and mechanical cleverness. He can figure things out. Might be part of the Sherman gene pool. Bill's dad, Jack’s grandfather, Maurice Sherman, was a builder much admired by folks in the trade and well beyond.

Back in the early days of the Boothbay Harbor Inn (converted Pierce & Hartung lumber yard), I worked with Anita Sherman, Jack’s mom. She, too, is a capable individual with diverse skills which were most helpful as Bob Smith and Collette tours were carving out a piece of the Boothbay Harbor tourism trade.

Jack attended Boothbay Region High School then tried Southern Maine Community College and building construction after graduation. That didn’t fly so Jack joined up with the Marines with good memories of Southport in the rear view mirror. The military was in his family genes, too. His grandfather was in the Army in World War II and his mother’s father was a Marine master gunnery Sergeant. Their family moved frequently, living all over the world. Jack's travels began with basic training at Parris Island, just south of Pratt’s Island. After basic training his travels expanded to the Mediterranean, Turkey, Africa, the Persian Gulf and ultimately to the Middle East, with a helicopter group, before heading home.

When Jack’s time with the Marines ended, he signed up for a tour at Maine Maritime Academy where he studied and learned about driving big boats. Currently he is a licensed mate for any vessel 1600 tons and smaller and can be captain of the same size ship. Not your typical off-shore lobster boat! Nothing against off shore lobster boats. Jack is getting lots of time at sea.

His work has varied from recovering plane crashes off Venezuela to pumping oil from a ship sunk by a U-boat, to Unlimited Dynamic Positioning. But truth be told, Jack's ultimate goal is to return to Southport and fish around the island like he once did growing up. He’s part way there having purchased his great uncle Ralph Spinney’s home on Southport. He won’t be able haul up a mega ship in the dooryard but he may not have to.

Welcome on your way home Jack.