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Posted:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - 10:00am

GPS (Global Positioning System) is everywhere. The sky is full of objects looking down on us. It can tell us where we are when we don’t know. It can tell us our destination before we get there. It will argue with us in our cars (“Recalculating”). And it can tell us where things will happen before they do.

Recently, on my office computer, I saw the following comment about a photographer: “How is he always in the right place at the right time?” It is a good question, thought I. How does he do that?

Everyone who knows me understands my challenges with technology. I’m not very good with it and don’t intend to be. However, the above comment made me think. It is unusual to be right all the time, especially when it comes to photographic images. And, especially when the images are from a variety of locations.

Enter our delightful local UPS delivery person, Jeremy.

“Have you ever heard of TPE?” he quipped, during one of his speedy deliveries. You see, Jeremy is quite the photo enthusiast. He’s inquisitive and perceptive and has photography in his family.

“It’s an app,” he said. “It helps you locate all sorts of stuff — where the sun will rise and set, and where the most color will be in the sky. It knows where you are and can guide you to the best light and locations.

Bingo! “TPE” (The Photographer's Ephemeris). The right place at the right time!

We never chat for long, Jeremy and I. He has deliveries to make. “Download the app,” he said.

And that, my friends, in the words of past radio broadcaster Paul Harvey, “is the rest of the story.” Bob Mitchell. “Good day!”

I'm “app” to try it.