Wiscasset Police Department

Lange retiring from Maine law enforcement

Posted:  Monday, June 18, 2018 - 5:00pm

Jeff Lange, Wiscasset's police chief since 2016, will retire from Maine law enforcement July 26, his last full-time day as full-time chief. In an email to Town Manager Marian Anderson June 13, Lange offered his services as part-time chief, Mondays and Fridays, enough time for the administrative duties. He offered to do that until September if needed for the town to find a full-time chief, although his wish is to retire on July 26.

Lange has lived separately from his fiancee, now wife, Brittany, for more than five years. They married over Thanksgiving weekend last year. She lives in New Hampshire, where she works. They have seen each other only occasionally. “I’m looking forward to living as man and wife,” he said in an interview June 14. His wife was unable to move to Maine due to obligations in New Hampshire. Lange said the experience has not been what either of them wanted.

Lange will work in the periphery of law enforcement. He is starting two small businesses. One is TERA – Training and Employing Recovering Addicts. “We’ll work with people in recovery to get them the job skills they need to find meaningful employment.”

He plans to expand and rename his other new business, Maine Identity Services, LLC. He recently bought it from Jane Carpenter. It will become Identity Services Associates. It will help victims sort out their identity problems, help police with training on identity theft, and will provide community education on the topic and help people avoid becoming victims.

Lange said he delayed announcing his resignation as full-time chief until after the election and budget vote. “I didn’t want to confuse the issue of my leaving with the vote. It would have created uncertainty about the future of the police department. The people who will continue to work for the police department still need the support of citizens in Wiscasset.”

Town Manager Marian Anderson could not say yet if the town would accept Lange’s offer to stay on part time. “I haven't had a chance to process his resignation yet ... I only got it less than 24 hours ago. But (it) was a gracious offer and I haven't ruled it out.” Anderson said she understood Lange’s desire to be home with his bride. “Jeff's a good guy, and I'm sorry I couldn't talk him out of leaving,” she said, half in jest. “We are very fortunate that he's given us plenty of time to look for a replacement.”

The resignation of Harbormaster Levon Travis is also on selectmen’s agenda for June 19. Travis sent a short letter to Lange June 10, saying due to unspecified “recent issues," he no longer believed himself to be the most qualified person for the job. He also said he believes Wiscasset needs someone with more time and energy than he had to offer.  He said his last day on the job would be June 30.