From the assistant editor

Lights, masks, schools!

Wed, 09/08/2021 - 8:45am

How was your summer? 

Did you weather Wiscasset traffic and find, sometimes, at least, it flowed better than you expected for that time of day or week? And did the opposite also happen? As I and likely you have learned with the Main Street lights and before them, you never can tell.

I can tell, for me, the wait to cross as a pedestrian feels long enough to have been doing something else, anything else, work or leisure, with that time you cannot get back. But still I find it mostly easier, and consistently less risky feeling, than crossing before the lights came. How about you?

Did you send, drive, or walk a child to school Tuesday? Do you have mixed feelings about the indoor masking? Or do you have clear and strong feelings about it, for or against? I don’t think it was anyone’s first choice, which would have been a pandemic-free 2021 (and 2020). If you are disgusted your child cannot be mask-free indoors or very relieved they and all the adults will be taking the precaution, be glad you can voice your opinion and that Wiscasset schools and other ones will continue to look at the issue.

From what I have seen and read nationally, it is not a fun time to be on a school committee. Not that it ever especially is,  but now,  no thank you. So thank you to those who are, including all five of Wiscasset’s members.

Week’s positive parting thought: At press time, Wiscasset’s ad hoc, voter-approved, schools study committee was nearly filled. May it be a plus for the town, helping it better understand and plan local education.