’Round Town

Lisa and Trish

Posted:  Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - 10:00am

If you were a bug on a blossom in somebody's beautiful flower garden, you'd probably be quite amazed to hear the chatter associated with these two ladies. No need for a defoliant or herbicide. The weeds just give up!

Not much chance that you'd find chemicals of any sort associated with Lisa or Trish. They are pretty natural ladies — and I mean that in a good way. Weeds come out by the roots and flowers and bushes get snipped off with razor sharp hand tools. Just stand back because you could be struck by flying objects.

We've known Lisa and Trish for as long as we have lived here — some 40+ years now. They were our “go to” childcare experts when we decided to start a family. Long before they picked up garden tools.

Our children grew up together. Our babies wore clothes that were broken in by their children. We got cloth diapers from Trish, and they were the first to hear about our daughter's St. Andrews' visit for nasal frozen pea extraction! I still get nervous in the “Jolly Green Giant” section at the grocery store.

The gardening business has progressed well. Lisa and Trish have worked together for 20 years. That's a lot of prunes — I mean pruning. Probably some prunes too, in the plumming stage. Not too many plants they haven't trimmed or cut or cultivated. And, as it is easy to see, from the assorted stickers on the tailgate of the work truck, they are not the least bit political.

No need to guess! I have often wondered when a Wilhelm Reich “Orgone Cone” might appear atop the cab. So far, this has not materialized, but its still early!

We cherish their friendship. As weeders and as compassionate human beings. Keep an eye out for the green Ford pick-up indicating a work zone!