letter to the editor

‘Missing’ special folding step ladder

Mon, 11/29/2021 - 2:45pm

Dear Editor:

I had for decades an Italian-made folding steel ladder. It folded flat and was between the mattresses of my '97 VW camper. I used it to access the pod on the van's roof and in the house to change ceiling light bulbs and similar tasks.

This weekend I left it on my porch at 16 Lee St. and by morning it was gone!

This is irreplaceable for my old camper and for safe use in the old Wiscasset house. I am recovering from a stroke at age 83 and living alone. This black steel folding ladder was an essential part of my senior life. A bulky rickety aluminum ladder would not serve me so well ... nor be as safe as this Italian steel one.

Could it be returned, no questions asked? I would be willing to pay a recovery fee.

This ladder which fit my old Camper is part of my life.

Thank you.

Douglas Henderson