’Round Town


Posted:  Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 9:30am

We try to get out to Monhegan every year. It's one of our most favorite places (of the places we have seen) on the planet. But with schedules and obligations, we are not always able to make the crossing.

Sometimes, on short notice, there is a break in the action, and we just scramble and go. Such was the case this past weekend. With our eldest daughter Mae home from New York, we grabbed the chance. The only thing that could have messed us up was the weather. And it almost did.

When we pulled back the drapes in the bedroom, it was fog city, which we chose to ignore and piled into the car, lights on and wipers going, headed for the Balmy Days' dock. You could barely make out the Catholic Church across the Harbor, but people were buying tickets and lining up to load. Captain Requa, who I hadn't seen since skiing at Saddleback, was at the helm preparing to take off.

We got seats up on the bow along with two long-haired dachshunds and a mixed breed rescue from down South — some nice people, too. Captain Mike had to toot the fog horn most of the trip. We couldn't see a thing.

Manana appeared right on time. We tied up, unloaded, and made for the other side, Lobster Cove and the shipwreck, for a picnic lunch. There was still fog but less of it. I love the fog so no problem for me. We had a great walk back, trail “1A” to the village, where we happened upon a memorial service at the chapel for much loved island resident Victor Lord. People were just leaving the service with clusters of friends and acquaintances gathered by the exits. Mr. Lord was an institution on the island. We were sorry to learn of his passing.

Back for the return trip at 2:45 with less fog. As we passed Pemaquid Point, a minke whale and some dolphins popped up to say hi.

Another wonderful day. We thank you Monhegan island for receiving us back. See you next year.

** Note: This week's photo is similar to an image I made 20+ years ago of our eldest which still turns up in local ads from time to time.